Faith Necklace Cross

Faith Necklace Cross are an excellent way to express your faith. There are many different styles and colors to suit your needs. Whether you want a necklace for yourself or one to give as a gift, there is an option that will work perfectly!

God has You in his arms with Angel Wing Charm
Stainless Steel Cross Necklace
Faith Cross Necklace Jesus
Cross Necklace Sterling Silver Rose
White Gold Rose Gold Plated

What Is A Christian Symbol and What Does It Mean To Me?

Many people view a Christian symbol as a cross that hangs around the neck. While this is true, it is not the only type of necklace that can be used for evangelism. Many people take pride in wearing symbols that have deep meaning to them. Do you have an instrument that holds a special place in your heart? Perhaps you love to fish and want an ichthys necklace. These different symbols can be used as a conversation piece, opening up the door for people to ask about Christ!

Do I Have To Wear A Cross Around My Neck To Be Considered A Christian?

Absolutely not! A cross necklace is a common symbol for those of us that follow Christ. It is often the first thing we think of when we hear the word “Christian”. A Christian necklace does not have to be a cross at all. You can look for other symbols such as an anchor or ichthys to represent your faith and who you are as a person.

What Are Some Other Ways To Evangelize?

Putting yourself into situations where you can witness to others is one of the best ways to help them on their spiritual journey. Held back by fear, many people are unable to share their faith with others. Some common places where evangelism takes place include church functions, sporting events, and other community gatherings. Your faith necklace may spark a conversation in one of these places and help you to share about Christ!

“So we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, if we want to escape the errors of wickedness and enjoy the blessings of righteousness.” – Hebrews 2:1-2